Accessories to Consider When Purchasing a Silage Wagon

silage wagon

Whether you need to transport a large volume of grain, or you need to move a single lot of hay, you’ll find that the Shouten Quick Feed silage wagon is the perfect solution. This type of wicker silage wagon has a capacity of up to 300kg. It is designed with an open frame, so you can easily load and unload the wagon without the use of a box or a bag. The open frame minimises damage to the walls of the silage storage area. The Shouten Quickfeeding silage wagon gives you an extra cost-effective alternative in New Zealand’s vast range of silage wagons.


The Shouten Quickfeeding silage wagon comes standard with two razor-sharp stainless steel blades so that you can cut the stock with ease. The stainless steel blades will cut through just about anything, but make sure that the blade you purchase is specifically designed to cut thick stock. This will prevent any nicks and cuts on the wicker walls. The stainless steel blades are fitted with quick release pin locks so that even if they get worn out or damaged, you won’t be in a position to take them apart.

Other features of this silage wagon include an automatic feeder hose which will ensure that the entire silage storage area remains dry. This automatic hose allows you to feed the silage no matter what time of day it is, as long as the tractor is turned off. This feature will help ensure that the entire silage storage area is kept completely dry at all times. There are also five-point ties on the conveyor to secure the wagon and to make sure that it does not move while being transported.

All wicker silage wagons are fitted with galvanized steel framing, which makes them virtually maintenance-free. However, you may want to have some sort of safety garnishment installed on the side. This will help to protect the wicker basket itself from any sparks that may occur when a fire breaks out due to fuel lines or when the flames start to spread due to low levels of oxygen in the air. If your silage wagon has windows, you will probably want to install some kind of window screen. This will prevent sparks from getting through and can keep the interior of your silage wagon cool during hot summer days.

Another feature of many silage wagons is the presence of wicker baskets. These are large baskets attached to the base of the silage storage unit, which allows for storage of both dry and wet silage. These baskets can be used to carry around water, as well as to store the finished product. As a result, you have a way to both store and transport your products without needing a full-size tractor.

silage wagon

Standard Equipment

Most wicker silage wagons come standard with an electrically powered winch. You can elect to have the winch mounted on the side of the unit, behind the driver, or you can choose to have the winch directly attached to the side of the silage wagon itself. The reason you want to have the winch mounted on the side of the silage wagon is to reduce the amount of movement that the animal will experience while in transport. Many people opt to have their winches mounted directly to the wicker unit because it eliminates the rocking associated with winching by hand. This is especially important for folks who are going to be transporting their wicker storage unit quite often due to the nature of the work they will perform.

Even though most wicker silage wagons come standard with a variety of attachments, you may find that you need to buy some add-ons. For example, some companies manufacturing wicker wagons also sell wicker baskets. These wicker baskets are perfect for storing field ready animals. If you plan to make the trip into town regularly, you may also want to invest in some storage baskets to keep your finished product safe and dry. Some companies selling wicker silage wagons also sell cages, which are useful if you will be travelling to different plants and animal sanctuaries. Cages are typically quite affordable as well.

One final accessory to consider purchasing for your silage wagon is some type ovarian or bridle. A silage wagon usually comes equipped with a saddle and bridle, but some models may also be equipped with a special saddle and bridle designed specifically for wicker wagons. As with anything, you should do some research before purchasing to ensure you have the proper equipment. In particular, you will want to determine the type of bridle that you will require and how much weight you will be carrying when riding your silage wagon.