Recent Trends in the Agricultural Machinery Market

agricultural machinery

The agricultural machinery or agricultural science industry is the part of this industry, which produces and keep agricultural machinery and agricultural instruments. This sector is considered as a strategic instrument in the development of agricultural production. The agricultural machinery and equipment, agricultural products and agricultural products are all developed thanks to the agricultural machinery manufacturers. They provide raw materials such as agricultural feeds, fertilizers, oilseeds, agricultural chemicals, agricultural machinery parts and agricultural machinery services. In other words, they provide the agricultural machinery and agricultural appliances for agricultural production.

As mentioned above, this sector is very important in agricultural production. It mainly consists of combines, ploughs, harvesters, harvester-mixers, tiller, bucket trucks, agricultural machinery and other tractors. These machines and tractors are very important to the agricultural industry. Without these machines and implements, there can never be any type of agricultural production in the agricultural machinery industry.

Technology Advancements

However, with the advancement of technology today, the agricultural machinery and equipment industry experienced a lot of change. For example, the adoption of computers into the agricultural machinery and equipment industry has changed the way modern tools operate. Today, tractors and other agricultural machinery and equipment can be programmed according to the requirements. With the help of computers, the process of controlling the operations of this agricultural machinery and equipment can be made precise. The result is that tractors and other agricultural machinery and equipment have become very precise and sophisticated.

For example, the new GPS tractor models introduced by DAF is now able to control the path of the ploughs. It can determine the exact distance between the positions of the front and back drive sensors. The accuracy of the tractor ploughs has increased tremendously with the help of this new technology introduced by DAF. The increase in accuracy of such agricultural machinery and equipment allows farmers to get a clearer picture of where the nearest trees, weeds and other objects are located.

Another major change in agricultural technology is that battery-operated vehicles are replacing the older steam engines. There are several reasons for this including increased fuel economy, less noise and increased reliability of the equipment. Many farmers are now opting for battery-powered tractors as they are more reliable and can provide improved pest control due to the absence of spraying chemicals. Some manufacturers have also launched new models incorporating compact size engines.

agricultural machinery


One of the most important agricultural equipment market trends in the agricultural machinery market is the rise of online dealers. Online dealers offer products from leading brands at discounted prices when compared to traditional brick and mortar dealers. The market consolidation in India is also witnessing a parallel growth in the agricultural machinery market. Many farm equipment manufacturers and dealers have already developed websites for easy access and purchase of their products. These online dealers offer equipment at affordable prices and some even offer free shipping services.

The agricultural machinery dealers who have developed their reputed websites are expanding their service offering in the areas beyond the traditional local markets. Many of these manufacturers have set up their call centres for efficient customer support and efficient after-sales service. Apart from the traditional offline dealers, many small local dealers have started setting up their Internet websites to counter the competition. However, the growth of online dealers is mainly driven by the large farm operations that need bulk orders for their equipment.

Another reason for the popularity of online purchasing is the growth of customized products in the agricultural equipment market. The growth of Internet technology has helped manufacturers to make customized and personalized orders for their equipment. The large scale mergers and acquisitions in the agricultural sector have also helped the companies to focus on specific applications of their products by developing customized versions of their existing products.